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Our History

Mary Murphy and Therese Moylan formed Paths to Wellbeing to offer individuals and employers ways to enhance wellbeing and performance.

We offer Alexander Technique and Best Posture for Home workstation lessons via Zoom.

"Choose to be quiet throughout your whole body with particular reference to the head and neck" Margaret Goldie 1905 -1997


Alexander Technique,
Workshops and Lessons

You will learn principles and procedures of the Alexander Technique and understand how they can be applied in your daily life.
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See Best Postures for Home Workstations via Zoom. You will learn how to set up a home workstation and how to use it to enhance wellbeing and be in compliance with current legislation.



Reflexology is an ancient therapy. It involves applying pressure to reflex points on the feet, that correspond to specific parts of the body.

By working on the feet, you are working on the whole person.

Thérèse practices at Triskel Centre, Lenaboy Gardens, Salthill

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What We Do

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Stress Busters

Practicing the Alexander Technique helps in dealing with stress and anxiety. It helps with balance, co-ordination and mobility, leading to increased flexibility, poise and grace. It is used by singers, actors and public speakers to improve voice and breathing. Practicing the technique increases self-awareness.

Reflexology works by applying pressure to the feet. The theory behind reflexology is that there are nerve endings in the feet which correspond to all parts of the body. By working on the feet you are working on the whole person.