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Alexander Technique 2 Hour Introductory Workshop

Principles and Procedures of the Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique Workshop

Below you can book a place on an Alexander Technique workshop, the cost is €40.00.

Alexander Technique 2 Hour Workshop

"During a 2-hour workshop, students will be introduced to principles and procedures of the Alexander Technique. The class will be customised to the needs of the students present on the day and will focus on how to apply the technique to their particular issues (e.g. poor posture; back pain; stress/anxiety etc). At the end of the class the student will have experienced the benefits of releasing unnecessary muscular tension and will have the know-how to do this at will."

"You translate everything whether physical, mental or spiritual into muscle tension" F.M. Alexander 1869 -1955

"There is no such thing as a right position but there is such thing as a right direction". F.M. Alexander 1869 -1955

"Choose to be quiet throughout your whole body with particular reference to the head and neck" Margaret Goldie 1905 -1997

Principles of the Alexander Technique

Psychophysical unity

What goes on the mind affects the body, what goes on in the body affects the mind

Force of habit

We have developed habitual responses to stimuli some are helpful some are not.

End gaining and means whereby

We rush to achieve ends ignoring the process

Faulty sensory appreciation

Our kinaesthetic sense can be unreliable


If we "direct" ourselves consciously and skillfully we can move with grace and balance

Use affects function

How we use our body affects how well it works – or not


A pause wherein choice is available

Primary Control

The process of coordinating the head-spine relationship


A state in which postural coordination, breathing and balance are not interfered with

Finally and most importantly, another quote from the man himself:
"Be careful of the printed matter: you may not read it as it is written down" F.M. Alexander 1869-1955


  • Semi-supine
  • Whispered aaah
  • Monkey
  • Lunge
  • Wall work
  • In and out of chair
  • Walking
  • Standing
  • Up on toes
  • Hands on back of chair
Correct way to rise from a chair

An Alexander Technique Exercise
How your habits impact levels of muscle tension will become apparent to you and ways of dealing with unwanted habits will be explained.

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