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Reflexology is a therapy that involves working on the nerve endings of the feet which are connected to the entire body.

What Happens during a Reflexology Session?

As we cannot provide reflexology during covid 19, you can purchase a session to be used at a later date.

Reflexology Session

Below you can purchase a reflexology session, the cost is €60.00.


Clients will lie/sit comfortably during the session as a thumb-walking technique is used on the soles of client’s feet to work on the whole person. This aids relaxation and re-balancing, and combats the effects of persistent stress in our daily lives.

Benefits in numbers

  • 2499 fewer hours of sick leave in the first 6 months of reflexology sessions. (Journal of Danish Reflexologists Association)
  • 97% of employees reported relief from their primary issue from receiving reflexology (Danish Reflexologist Association)
  • 79% of employees reported complete or partial success from reflexology;
  • 57% reported that it helped in other areas;
  • 92% wanted to continue;
  • 30% reported a greater job satisfaction after reflexology. (Danish Reflexologist Association)
workplace setting for treatment

Zone theory is a good way of explaining how reflexology works. This means that the body contains 10 vertical zones. Each zone contains different body parts and corresponds to specific fingers and toes.

When reflexologists work on your feet, all parts of the body are accessible by putting pressure on particular areas of the foot.

workplace setting for treatment

Reflexology is linked to many potential benefits.
Reflexology may help to:

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • reduce pain
  • lift mood
  • improve general well-being
  • boost their immune system
  • get over colds and bacterial infections
  • helps clear up sinus issues
  • recover from back problems
  • correct hormonal imbalances
  • boost fertility
  • improve digestion
  • ease arthritis pain